About the trainer...

My name is Julie Matthew, I am a dog trainer servicing the Adelaide southern suburbs. Having owned and trained dogs for many years, I compete sucessfully in state obedience trials and hold a current certificate in dog psychology and training.

I started Simple Steps Dog Training after watching many owners struggling to train their dog using traditional training methods, knowing that there is a much more effective way to train our faithful companions.

I have a passion for helping others to train their dog using my training system which is simple, enjoyable and quickly strengthens the bond between dog and owner.

About the training...

Simple Steps training is a reward based, fun style of training which dogs of all ages respond to very quickly.

Dogs are all different, however they do have one thing in common regardless of their breed and temperament. Our canine friends learn very quickly when their attention is on their handler and they're enjoying their training.

When you have your dog's attention, training is easy. Without it, training can be  difficult. I liken it to trying to teach a child at school who is constantly looking out the window.

On the video page check out Monty and Mia. Both dogs have been trained using the Simple Steps training system. You can see how they are both giving me their full attention and how eager they are to follow my commands. Every owner can achieve this with their own dog when they follow the Simple Steps training system.